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Perv Color Schemes: Color Tables

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After I started using Sublime Text, I didn’t find any colour schemes, which either where good looking (IMHO), or supported all the different syntax highlighters I’m using. Therefore I started my own colour scheme (Perv Orange). As it is very hard–at least for me–to see the actual colours by looking at the HEX values, I created this blog entry as a reference.

Time of Change

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Is it really 4 years, one month and about 15 days ago, that I made my last blog entry? Yes, it is.

In order to clean up a specific hostname for my upcoming project, I needed to transfer my private blog to a new FQDN. And as I haven’t used Wordpress in the last 4 years—and even didn’t care about the comment spammers—I decided why bother anymore with Wordpress. Especially, as I started using Sublime Text, which is really a lot faster than using any other editor or text input fields in a webapp.

Therefore this is my new blog. Now based on Octopress. We shall see, if I will increase my post amount of less than one post a year ;)

Special Characters

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A selection of characters I use most…

HTML Name Code HTML Number Code Glyph Windows Description
» » » Alt + 0187 right angle quote
« « « Alt + 0171 left angle quote
„ „   double low quote
“ “ “ €œ Alt + 0147 left double quote
” ” ” € Alt + 0148 right double quote
© © © Alt + 0169 copyright
™ ™ Alt + 0153 trademark sign
® ® ® Alt + 0174 registered trademark


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And another new category. I’ll put in anything in here, what I would like to remember, hence the name :D

Writing, Thinking & Reading

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„Wer nicht schreiben, nicht kritisch denken und lesen kann, wird von der Welt beherrscht und kann keine eigene bauen.“

Prof. Joseph Weizenbaum (MIT)

Love Is a Disease

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“Love is a disease–it’s cure is love”

myself While Wandering on a Beach in Turkey 08.1999

Internet Is Big

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“Internet is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly hugely mindboggingly big it is.”

Adapted from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

eMails 150 Years Ago

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„Wenn man bedenkt, dass die Leute vor 150 Jahren ihre E-Mails noch bei Kerzenlicht geschrieben haben“

@ill AmigaGer 02.2008